Food Policy

Food allergies are becoming increasingly common among students in our district and throughout our nation. There are many students in our school with allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, milk, etc. These allergies can be life threatening. 

In order to minimize the risks and ensure the safety of all our students, birthday treats are not allowed. Students may not share food items with other students in the classroom or cafeteria. In addition, if you come to school to eat lunch with your child, please do not distribute or share food with any other children. 

Celebrations are very important and there are healthier and safer ways for us to recognize students on special days. Listed below are just a few suggested ways to recognize your child's special day, should you choose to participate. If you do, please be sure to communicate with your child's teacher in advance. 

  • Bring in stickers, pencils, fun erasers, etc. for your child's classmates
  • Donate a book to the school or your child's class library in honor of your child
  • Donate a board game to be used for indoor recess or a jump rope or ball for outdoor recess
  • Donate a plant to beautify the school grounds--flowers, bulbs, trees, or bushes
  • Have a family member come to class to read a story or share a special talent or skill, or have your child share their talent with the class

We are committed to allowing all of our students to fully participate in celebratory activities while maintaining a safe environment for all. Thank you for your understanding and support in ensuring the safety and health of our Sunrise Valley Elementary students. 

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