SVES School Counselor and Counseling Services

Our School Counselors

Jennifer Savory is the full-time school counselor at Sunrise Valley and has been at the school for 18 years. 

Sheila Murphy is the part-time school counselor at Sunrise Valley. 

What does a school counselor do?

  • They help to create a safe school environment where children can learn
  • Work with students on attendance issues
  • Coordinate referrals to outside agencies.
  • Help design interventions to enhance student success.
  • Develop community partnerships to enhance student career awareness.
  • Help teachers create a positive classroom environment.
  • Help students learn anger management, conflict resolution, and mediation skills.
  • Help parents, teachers and administrators learn how to meet the needs of all students.

How and Why do Parents Contact the School Counselor?

Parents can call the school counselor at any time for a phone conference or can set up a school visit.

  • Concerns over student achievement
  • Family Health Problems
  • Test interpretation
  • Discussing special needs of their child
  • Early discussion of potential crises
  • Family difficulties or concerns

How does a student see the school counselor?

  • Self referral
  • Request of a counselor
  • Parent referral
  • Administrative referral
  • Teacher or other staff referral
  • Referral by friend

Benefits of School Counseling

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Mental Health & Resiliency

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