Sunrise Valley Shines for Teachers

By SVES Staff
May 07, 2024
flyer for teacher appreciation week.

Teachers at Sunrise Valley are gearing up for an unforgettable week filled with appreciation and celebration! Here's a peek into the sunsational activities lined up:

Monday: Kicked off with a delightful Pancake Breakfast, complemented by colorful sidewalk chalk art adorning the pathways. Additionally, a vibrant "shout-out wall" emerged in the main hallway, where heartfelt messages from students and families continued to blossom throughout the week.

Tuesday: The aroma of freshly brewed Rossana coffee and pastries greeted teachers and staff as they entered the transformed staff lounge, now resembling a cozy café. Meanwhile, students added a touch of unity by donning their teachers' favorite colors, creating a harmonious sea of hues in the classrooms.

Wednesday: Marked by the annual Walk, Bike, and Roll to school event, students expressed gratitude to their teachers with fragrant flowers and plants, symbolizing the growth experienced throughout the year. The teacher lounge transformed into a snack haven, providing much-needed energy boosts throughout the day.

Thursday: Students showcased their creativity and appreciation by presenting homemade cards brimming with heartfelt sentiments to their beloved teachers. Additionally, teachers received personalized Sunrise Valley Elementary School reusable water bottles, adorned with stickers bearing uplifting messages, symbolizing resilience and dedication.

Friday: Despite the morning showers, spirits remained high as students arrived bearing special gifts and notes for their teachers. Parent volunteers orchestrated a festive Fiesta Lunch, treating the staff to a culinary fiesta courtesy of Taco Zocalo, concluding the week on a celebratory note.

Throughout the week, the unwavering support and gratitude from students, families, and the school community served as a testament to the invaluable role teachers play in shaping young minds at Sunrise Valley.


Teacher Appreciation Week '24