Spotlight on Learning: 6th Grade Promotion Poem

By SVES Staff
June 09, 2022

6th Graders finished their last year at Sunrise Valley Elementary School with a piece of reflective writing. The following poem, by student Iona Bendernagel, was highlighted at the 6th grade promotion ceremony for students, staff, parents, and community.  

Weaving Together a Year
By Iona Bendernagel

Under over, repeat
This project ends our year of art,
Shows all we have learned 
The ups and downs woven together

The thread of projects, friendship
The weave has its mistakes 
Regrets and joy woven together
Tiny knots of tragedy, triumph 
Holds the weave together, a mark that can’t be unseen

Weeks of work, dull to some, fun to others 
Painstakingly made, felt like forever
Now our weave is done
Our years are done
Milkweed, ancient lands, staring
at a screen. 
Hundreds of threads   
the memories woven together
A new thread begins