By Physical Education Department
June 13, 2018

Students in grade K-6 are participating in Field Day today. Grades K-3 students are having fun in the sun in the morning, and students in grades 4-6 are having fun in the sun in the afternoon.

There are many exciting activities for students. Ring toss, balance the coconut, sandwich relay, dirty laundry, fill a bucket, and beach soccer are some of the exciting activities for students in grade K-3. These students are also enjoying ice pops.

Students in grade 4-6 are playing turkey ball, toss the chicken, flag football. They will also participate in a zip line relay, water relay, potato sac race, shark delivery race, and an obstacle course.

The Reston bike team from the Fairfax County Police Department are joining us in the afternoon. We are thankful that these officers are participating in Field Day.

We are enjoying this fun-filled athletic day here at SVES!