Welcome to Sunrise Valley Elementary School

Winter/Spring 2021

Visitors to FCPS Facilities

We love our school volunteers, but we'll have to wait to see you. Right now, visitor access is limited to essential activities and is by appointment only. All visitors complete a health screening questionnaire at the door. Face coverings are mandatory on school property and inside FCPS facilities. We have a visitor management system for the security of our students and staff. All visitors are required to scan their driver's license and obtain a photo name tag. Remember to bring your driver's license or state issued ID card when visiting the school. 


Absences:  If your child will be absent or tardy, please notify the school by 9:30 a.m. Call the attendance line 703-715-3838 24 hours a day, email @email, OR use the Online Attendance Form on our school website https://sunrisevalleyes.fcps.edu/.  More information about attendance can be found here.    

Late Arrival/Early Dismissal

Both late arrival and early dismissal from school are disruptive to instructional time. Please try to plan appointments and activities outside of school time. If your student does arrive after the final morning bell, please walk them to the front entrance to be checked in so they are not marked absent. If your child will be leaving early, send a note or email to the teacher and the dismissal mailbox (@email) with the expected time. We’ll call the student to the office when you arrive with your identification. There are no early dismissals after 3:45 p.m. 

Dismissal Changes

For the continued safety of our students and staff, please do not arrange for playdates through the school. In an effort to mitigate spread of the virus, we are unable to accommodate changes to pick-up routines except in an emergency. 


Items Forgotten at Home

Due to health and safety concerns, we are unable to accept items that are dropped off for students during the school day. As a reminder, lunch is provided to all students free of charge this year. 

Sunrise Valley Food Policy

Students may not share food items with other students in the classroom or the cafeteria.

Emergency Care/Health Forms

If you have not yet returned your child’s forms, please review for errors and fill in any missing information, sign and date, and return to school as soon as possible. Please list all people who may pick up your child at school or meet a kindergarten bus rider. We check the ID of anyone who comes into the school to pick up your child. 

Kindergarten Bus Riders

Kindergarten students will not be let off the bus unless there is someone to meet them. If someone other than a parent will be meeting the bus, please make sure you list them on your child’s emergency care form or send a note to the front office authorizing them to meet your child.

Student Cell Phone Guidelines

Phones must be silenced, in backpacks, and not carried on person for the duration of the school day. They may be utilized on campus only before and after school. Teachers may allow use of cell phones for instructional activities where they are the most appropriate tool. Unless teachers have provided explicit permission for cell phones for a specific learning experience, they may not be used. Sunrise Valley ES is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen cell phones.